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We provide a secure, affordable, and simple document shredding service serving Maryland (MD), Virginia ,(VA), Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. Find out how it works.

Eco-Shred is now NAID CERTIFIED

Eco-Shred provides secure destruction of sensitive materials to organizations
and residents in the Mid-Atlantic area

Your business is collecting and producing more information than ever before. Clients and employees trust you to protect their privacy, and federal and state laws mandate that sensitive information be disposed of securely. Ecoshred can keep you in compliance by providing the most professional and secure document shredding services available. Trust Ecoshred for all of your document destruction needs.

Document Shredding Service Truck

Unauthorized access to company information can have serious consequences for your business.

Secure document shredding reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft and what’s more, our no touch shredding system means no one will have access to confidential documents before they are totally and securely destroyed.

We use state of the art trucks that are among the fastest shredders in the industry, rendering everything from files and hard drives to personal documents unusable and indecipherable in minutes.

Convenient and cost effective…Ecoshred is your one stop for secure shredding, recycling and trash service. Contact us today. Our staff can help you set-up and manage an effective, secure, shredding program. There are no start-up costs so you can begin disposing of sensitive materials right away.

Security is our top priority

Whether you choose an on-site or off-site program, the safe, secure destruction of your information is our top priority and nobody does it better. Protecting confidential material about your employees and customers is the law. Our secure method of document destruction ensures you are in compliance with current legislation. Our experts can help you stay abreast of ever changing privacy laws and regulations.

document Shredding Service Truck document Shredding Service Truck

For more information contact Ecoshred today at 240-688-1171.