Medical Document Shredding for Hospitals

Eco-Shred can shred all of your medical documents and health forms for health centers and hospitals alike. With out state or the art truck we not only have the ability to shred all confidential documents, but the ability to shred plastic as well. This gives us the ability, on-site, to shred plastic prescription bottles, as well confidential compact discs and microfilm.

The medical offices and hospitals in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, as well as Maryland and Virginia, are required to shred their clients protected health information. The Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA, protects the privacy of all the confidential health information. The health facilities files contain the clients' medical records and these health facilities must comply with the HIPAA provisions for the safeguarding of those files, as well as their disposal by paper shredding and document destruction. Eco-Shred can fulfill all these shredding needs.

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